Become the influencer you’re meant to be. You’re too good to be overlooked!

Do you want a to create a magical ripple effect with your brand message?

Creating content for social media is not an easy task. It’s a job. And you have a life, business, and kids. Plus, you need that sacred self-care time too. But, I hear you, the overwhelm is no joke, and some days, the flow of inspiration is simply not there.
Yep, we got you, boo! That’s why we created Social Glow.
What is a Social Glow?
Social Glow is a collection of social media kits designed to make your life easier when creating content and publishing on social media.
You’ll receive different content pockets and themes.
Grab them below and have fun seeing your social presence transform to classy and elegant.

the bundle of joy

What is included?
– You’ll receive three beautiful designs, which are ready to be customized in Canva to your brand vibe and soul—it’s fast and easy.
– Three SOCIAL MEDIA KITS, each with a different design and vibe and customizable to your brand in Canva.
– Each kit includes: (69 Instagram feed post templates, 69 Instagram stories templates, 1 puzzle template, 1 carousel template, 3 Facebook covers, 27 Instagram Reels Covers). That is hundreds of templates for your brand.
– Instant download