Become the influencer you’re meant to be. You’re too good to be overlooked!

Do you want a to bring your magic to life with a beautiful brand?

Now, let’s get real…
Are you a bit intimidated by the long process and cost involved in getting a brand designed from scratch?
We lighten the process and created Brand-on-Tap just for you.
Yep, we got you, boo!
With Brand-on-tap the process is smooth and takes a week to craft a magnetic brand.
What is a Brand-on-Tap?
Brand-on-Tap is a pre-designed brand, and they’re waiting “on tap” to work for you! Each are customized to your business name and sold only once. They’re ready-to-go and they’re all made with love, care, and a touch of alchemy!
Have a look at the pre-designed brands. You may just find the soul-aligned brand that you’ve been seeking.

how it works

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