Rise above the online noise and become the influencer you’re meant to be.

You started a business for a reason. You’re amazing at what you do and are on a mission to fulfill a vision.

But every time you post on Instagram or Facebook you cringe a little inside… Sure, you’re “showing up” online, but you’re not quite showing up as YOU. No matter how awesome you are “IRL,” your brand isn’t quite selling that message. You know this is non-negotiable to move the needle in your business.
Maybe you tried to DIY your branding with a few random images on Canva, but your logo and colors look a little too “homemade” (and if you’re honest, you’re a bit embarrassed to share them…)
Although you’re not one for comparing, you can’t help but feel a pang of envy when you see other people with beautiful brands. They look so ‘together’ with all their marketing materials instantly recognizable.
The truth is you want that too. You’re in the right place. We have the perfect solution for you!

Brands-on-Tap are unique, one off designer brands, made with love, care and tons of magic!

what’s this?

Brand-On-Tap Lite is a collection of 24 original, pre-made designer brands, and they’re waiting “on tap” to make your business instantly recognizable online!
They’re ready-to-go and they’re all made with love, care, and a touch of alchemy!
Each branding kit includes:
• All the logos you need for different uses (main logo, secondary/alternative logo, sub-mark, and more). These are editable in Canva, so you apply your business name and tagline.
• A suggested color palette but you can use your own or, even get inspired with our bonus palettes.
• A unique brand icon and pattern
-40 plus Instagram templates,
-Additional color palettes and brand font suggestions,
-Brand story, pillars and design workbooks.

a few brands included

Investment $47

With Brand-on-Tap Lite, we took out the time and pressure of creating a brand from scratch. The process is smooth and fast because the world needs YOU and your magic, now!

here’s how it works

the step by step guide to shine online
Step 1-Get your brand on
Once you buy, you’ll have instant access to all the collection of pre-made designer brands.
Step 2-Find your match
Browse through our collection of brands-on-tap. Look for that gut-level ‘yes’ that tells you’ve found the brand that matches your vision.
Step 3-Design your brand
Add your business name and change the colors name in Canva. And, just like that, you’re brand is made easy and ready to shine online.
Step 4-Have a brand party online.
Get ready to shine online. Launch your new brand and sprinkle your new logo, colors and all in your website and social media.

Get your designer brand without spending thousands or infinite hours in front of a laptop.
What’s included:

You’ll immediately receive:

•24 pre-made designer brands.
Each branding kit includes a suggested color palette, primary logo, secondary logo, sub-mark/initials, brand icon, and pattern.
•Additional color palettes.
•Brand fonts combinations.
•40 plus Instagram templates.
It includes posts, story and stickers templates that you can customize with your text, photos, and brand colors.
•Branding workbooks.
These are exactly the same method and strategy I use with my one-on-one clients to help unleash creativity.

Your Price $47