we love to create little everyday miracles

with art and design

Do you love having fun with beautiful things? Us too!!!!!! So, this is not another online store.

We created 10 Fingers for Design for the love of color, design, and a lotta fun. Our mission is to make you feel joyful every day, love the heck about who you are, and spread your humanity in the world with a big smile. 

The point is…

We want to stop the mental hamster wheel (although we truly love hamsters, OMG, the cuteness:)) of not being good enough and only entirely accepted if we are perfect and negate our nature–our true colors. 

The quirks, flaws, shadows, gifts, and goodness are all part of you and make you unique.

Our products sustainable, all good for you and the planet.

Each collection is created by a different artist.

They are meant to make you feel beautiful, delight the eyes, and inspire wild imagination and self-expression.

After all, the only option is to be yourself boldly and express yourself unapologetically.

That’s your (h)art, the only one that matters.

Have fun exploring our store.

Olga Maria

A biologist turned designer here to spice up your brand. My purpose and passion is to empower you to go after your true desires and calling. Because the thing is, we aren’t meant to blend in with the crowd. We were born to stand out and to fully express our gifts. Because if we’re not being ourselves, then what good are we really doing for others?

Melanie Marques

I’m a young, but mighty, Portuguese designer. Like my country my design is full of colors and simplicity. I think of myself as an image baker and my ideas come mostly from daydreaming.