Even the creatives wish they were more creative sometimes!

Fortunately, creativity doesn’t operate like most of us assume.

It’s not exactly do or die, here or not, yes or no, creative or…suck.

Because creativity cannot be created in a vacuum. It’s not an either/or scenario, where you’ve either got it, or you don’t. You must create it.

It’s a unique layered process that takes on a new shape with every breath, thought, idea, tweak, perspective, angle, and attempt, constantly changing, constantly adapting, constantly evolving (even when you feel like maybe you aren’t).

If you:

  • Crave an overflowing fountain of creativity
  • Want to be inspired in new and exciting ways every single week
  • Would like to explore ways to live your life & do business in less rigid, stiff, rule-oriented patterns that stifle creativity & happiness
  • Enjoy art!
  • Don’t want to lose your edge
  • Would enjoy exploring your own creative processes through experimentation, challenges and a whole lot of fun … and in the process build an iconic brand … 

Is Procrastination Necessary?

This isn't an aggressive challenge to take action. Let's be honest: you've been procrastinating. And it sucks! Sometimes we procrastinate because deep down we know that something doesn’t feel right. No matter what your coach, designer, friends or family say to push...

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Trust the Journey, Creative Game-Changers

Last weekend, I watched a fantastic TED talk by Author Lidia Yuknavitch about the beauty of being a misfit, the kind of person who's always unsettled because they feel like they can never belong. I resonated so much with her heartfelt story, her slow journey of...

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange)

The fact that everything changes is one of the few guarantees we have in this life. Just like we, as people, change, grow, and evolve, so do our businesses. You may one day reach a point with your business when its original identity no longer fits, your social media...

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Dare to help

Let’s play a game. Truth, or dare? You first. Truth, you say? Let me guess...  You’re in a place of discontentment and uncertainty. You love the work you’re doing, but don’t know how to share it. You are confident in your style, your quirks, the parts of your work...

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The Crocodile and the Mood-board

You’re ready for you next step, growing your business, reach more people, make more connections on a regular basis, so humanity sees and feel what you’re up to in a regular basis. You know that you must have a consistent brand, visually and verbally, you take the...

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Write On! To Your Soul

When I started designing for “Write On! Journaling” by Sheri Kellogg, I knew right away that what Sheri had to offer went far beyond the regular “my dear diary, today…” kind of brand. Throughout the design process, I kept in mind this beautiful quote by C. S. Lewis:...

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A few months ago, I started having certain images of beautiful food plates popping up in my Pinterest feed. I was drooling imagining how the food would taste. The plates itself are minimalist, beautifully arranged, with a combination of striking colors to deliver a...

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Speak to Your SOUL

I couldn’t be more honored and grateful to have contributed some kick-ass designs to the beautiful movement Jessica L. Lyons has created. She’s shaking things up! I’ve known Jessica for a while. She's one of my favorites ever. She’s so loving, caring and knowledgeable...

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Creativity inspired by nature: meet Sarah Marie Thompson with Wild and creative!🌺🌵☘🌷 I bow to this beautiful woman! Why? Sarah Marie Thompson, an intuitive coach for creative entrepreneurs and visionaries, is not only incredible but embraces both creativity and...

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Your Best Photoshoot Story Matters in Your Brand

I’m at a stage in my life where I no longer care if people think I’m pretty or ugly, smart or stupid, but if I'm honest, I can’t get myself to like pictures of me or feel comfortable with getting them taken. If you have your own business, you probably know that people...

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Your Brand, Your Vision

Great lingerie is great lingerie!  What we put next to our skin is definitely not a superficial choice. That’s why Naja makes my day. The brand is beautiful and functional, created for smart and sexy women. They left no detail behind, from the products themselves to...

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Your Way all the Way

There’s an overload of information out there about personal branding. In this field, like in any other, you get both solicited and unsolicited advice from both experts and amateurs. Everyone has something to say about how to write your copy, design your logo, choose...

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