Even the creatives wish they were more creative sometimes!

Fortunately, creativity doesn’t operate like most of us assume.

It’s not exactly do or die, here or not, yes or no, creative or…suck.

Because creativity cannot be created in a vacuum. It’s not an either/or scenario, where you’ve either got it, or you don’t. You must create it.

It’s a unique layered process that takes on a new shape with every breath, thought, idea, tweak, perspective, angle, and attempt, constantly changing, constantly adapting, constantly evolving (even when you feel like maybe you aren’t).

If you:

  • Crave an overflowing fountain of creativity
  • Want to be inspired in new and exciting ways every single week
  • Would like to explore ways to live your life & do business in less rigid, stiff, rule-oriented patterns that stifle creativity & happiness
  • Enjoy art!
  • Don’t want to lose your edge
  • Would enjoy exploring your own creative processes through experimentation, challenges and a whole lot of fun
  • And, in the process build an iconic brand … 

Random Acts of Kindness

When we moved from Portugal to the US, we were living in St. Louis in a tiny apartment next to a gas station. The lady working there was a sweetheart, going for gas was always a fun experience! We never knew each other's names, but she was always so kind, telling...

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Undress your food and join #loveyourbody movement

Growing up chubby I know this subject of “body shaming” very well! Some people rarely call you by your name; you’re another persona: “the chubby.” Some days you don’t really care, other days those words do hurt a lot. Worse, you see ads popping up everywhere with the...

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A Note About Living Your True Colors

Living your life according to what you are and believe it’s not a piece of cake, never has been and will never be, regardless of what gurus say. Authenticity is the new black. Following your intuition to make your dreams happen and being your most genuine and raw self...

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Grab these to feel Inspired & Powerful when it sucks!

Bowing to you online entrepreneur! Dress up your tech with these free gifts. Even when you can't disconnect you can still be and feel inspired. ENJOY! Full moon in a tropical island for all #girlbosses. The sky really is pink when you trust, believe and never, ever...

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Kelly Elizabeth Scott, the creator of Stories with Soul

I’m thrilled to share the woman behind the creation of such beautiful and valuable words. Kelly Elizabeth Scott is the content magician we all need in our businesses. I met Kelly a few months ago and had VIP session with her that was a total blast. The combination of...

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C2.Interiors combines Coffee And Design For A Happy Living

How do you take your coffee? Expresso, Latte, Bica, Pingado, Cappuccino, Cortado, Carajillo, Café con leche? I found interesting that coffee blends and the ways we name them around the world represent different languages, cultures, and heritages.  So with so many...

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Branding Forecast: Put a Little Spring in Your Step!

We get out of our winter cocoons and shed the dark, heavy clothing, tucking it deep inside our closets, reaching instead for the bright, beautiful things that take inspiration that comes from the life bursting around us. It’s finally that time of the year: Spring has...

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The Rich Pitch – Because Every Girl is Worth It

I must confess that this post has been in the works for a while. In my mind, I could picture it all, but when I started writing, nothing actually came out correctly. What words could I use to describe someone that has been a coach, client, and friend? What words can...

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How to make better design decisions: always trust your gut.

Putting together your brand visuals is fun! But more importantly, it’s powerful! The color palette, the logo, and fonts are physical ways of conveying your business’ personality, your unique style, that continuously connects you with potential clients even when you’re...

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