– A brand should be two things: Beautiful and functional.

Get the beauty part right, but not the function?

And you’ll be left with a website or an identity that looks good but falls flat. Think: Zero phone calls, zero inquiries, zero of the things you need to make this business work.

Get the function right, but skip the beauty?

And you’ll be left with a website that is obvious … but awful. Think: No one can read your words because they’re too distracted by an unappealing design.

Or worse, they find you unprofessional.

Or they just get “a gut feeling” and decide not to pursue it any further.

The thing about beauty and the thing about function is that you need both in order to build a business visual identity that doesn’t just talk the talk – but walks the walk. That’s what we call “a brand.”

That’s why here at 10 FINGERS FOR DESIGN, we marry creativity + logic in a way that most other design firms skip. Typically, they shine in one area … and leave the other to chance. But that’s simply not a risk anyone should take. Not when it comes to your baby. Not when it comes to your one shot to get this right.


You have a story ready to be shared and take on the world. You want to go big and bold.

You know your business and message inside & out.

You’re ready to co-create a brand that is more than just a logo and a pretty font but the visual interpretation of your key message.

You want not just a new look, but a cohesive and consistent brand visual story that is loved, shared and inspiring.

You want not just a new look but a new person to help you put it all together and build the brand with the story you are meant to share, that’s going to take you from a nobody to a somebody.

Most of all you want to feel confident, free, and have peace of mind. You want to focus on your clients and business and leave the design up to us.

10 FINGERS FOR DESIGN works with you on helping you amp your existing identity, helping you build a new identity, or helping you build a new identity … and then building a digital piece of functional art that makes you money. This is what we call “a website.”

Because you deserve the brand of your dreams in a way that feels like you.

Because you were born for this!

Be Warned: this creative partnership doesn’t just end with a logo, but an ongoing development of all the visual elements in your empire’s arsenal of communication tools and product, that will have you putting your best foot forward from day one. This is what we call “art.” YOURS.

Our signature program BRANDING COLLECTIVE works on one of three ways:

 #1: The Metamorphosis

Feeling like your brand doesn’t represent you anymore? Decide to go in a new direction and need the right look to match? We’ll start from the head, and go all the way down to your tippy toes, and develop a new brand identity for you from scratch, including an all new logo, color palette, styles, headers, badges, graphics, and those cute little details you just can’t get enough of.

Our role: Branding + Brand identity development + graphic design.

Your role: Put your feet up and have fun!

What’s included:

• Two hours of one-on-one creative connection, to learn about you, your business, strategize and define both your brand map and our work together. We will define your brand voice, and pillars: mission, vision, uniqueness, audience, engagement and growth goals

• Unlimited email support and communication for the duration of the project

• Inspiration mood-board for your new stunning brand

• Brand color palette

• A logo, but not just a logo – the visual definition of who you are and what you’re bringing to the world. Includes a primary logo, a secondary logo, and a sub-mark

• Typography combination

• Two-three gorgeous and customized patterns and/or backgrounds

• Business card

• One website and one newsletter banners

• Social media kit: two Facebook banners, five social media posts templates, and four blog posts templates

• Your Brand Box – an implementable guide to help you create stunning content that you can use across your online presence after our work together. Includes: brand pillars, brand voice and message, mood-board, color palette, logos, and fonts combination, and a guideline on how to use all these elements

• Custom “coming soon” page designed and installed on your domain

• One e-book cover and one custom internal page for your opt-in

• Timeline: 4-6 weeks

• Investment:  $3500 (payment plan is available)

Ready to co-create an enchanted brand? One that makes your clients obsessed with you? It all starts by connecting with us to schedule a free consultation to learn from you, what’s working and what’s not, your vision, and how will you thrive.

 #2: The Social Brilliance Broadcast

You have a stunning brand and 1000’s of new ideas to grow your business online. But, you’re wearing too many hats and never have time to put your dreams in action? How much more money could you be making if your brand showed up consistently throughout social media without you worry about it and rush to post every day?

You want your social media to power up your brand and business to a level never imagined possible. Plus, a tribe that is completely obsessed … by YOU every single day of the month! We are ready and waiting for you!

Our role: Digging in and checking your overall brand’s digital experience, identifying what’s working and what it’s not, what you love and hate. Brainstorming to build a rock-solid social media strategy according to your brand, business model and the online experience you wish to create. Then, each month we’ll deliver everything you asked, social media strategy, content creation, upgrades and curation, graphics and so much more, every single time!

Your role: Focus on what makes your heart and soul tick. No more late nights and quick meals. More social life, massages, belly dance classes, vacations in Bali or Paris, and cuddling with your kids and partner … with a peace of mind.

Investment: $500/month (one social media platform) and $1250/month (up to 4 social media platforms). Includes 1 hour/month of connection for strategy, scheduling, boosts, and photos (requires a minimum of a three-month commitment).

Let’s change your relationship with your brand, social media and business once and for all, and build a magical digital presence throughout, with a peace of mind and money in the bank, while you sleep. Get in touch with us, it’s free, no pitch or strings attached. You don’t need anything else, we’ve got you covered. 

 #3: Tell Us What You Need

Not seeing what you were looking for here? But, you have a new program and need an e-book to go along? Need affiliate badges? A new logo? A sales page? How about promo graphics? Or a website?

If your needs are a la carte, then consider us saying: OUI.

Get in touch with us here and we’ll make it happen.


Connect with us and share your stories: the good, the bad and the ugly. We do it too!

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