Branding Forecast: Put a Little Spring in Your Step!

by | Branding, Inspiration

We get out of our winter cocoons and shed the dark, heavy clothing, tucking it deep inside our closets, reaching instead for the bright, beautiful things that take inspiration that comes from the life bursting around us. It’s finally that time of the year: Spring has arrived, and I, for one, am obsessed!


Spring is the season for creativity, optimism, and vibrancy.  Nature offers us bright blue skies, vibrant greens, and delicate blossoms with exuberant colors. The fonts of your logo show your personality, and the movement that surrounds you, think scripts, hand-lettering, and sans-serif for freshness.


So, don’t be shy! Even bonafide introverts are stepping out of their shells, embracing the beautiful spirit of spring and letting loose. It’s time to fly, but don’t let the winds of spring carry you away from your vision. Bloom where you are planted and avoid straying into different ideas and dreams! Get to work!


If your brand was inspired by Spring, what would it look like? Here’s how you can start:

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