When it’s time to rebrand your business

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In the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly (very slowly, indeed) working on a little brand refresher for 10 Fingers For Design. I should know better; there’s no such thing as a little re-brand since any rebrand is easier said than done. After all, branding (or re-branding for that matter) can put us on the verge of an identity crisis! Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it?

But, this goes around, I’m keeping my intentions focused. I’m giving lots of good thought about why I’m doing this re-brand in the first place, and it has reminded me that there are several reasons why anyone might be ready to re-brand:


1. Maybe you never really thought about your brand beyond a logo when you started your business. We’re all guilty of taking action before being fully ready at times.

2. Your brand served you for a while, but now you’ve outgrown it. You’re more serious than ever about your business and want to connect better and grow.

3. After you’ve been in business for a while and have reached a point where you’re sick of what you’re doing, you decide to go in a different direction, one that is more aligned with who you are.

4. You have a creative explosion; your brain hurts from so many ideas about launches, new products, new services. The excitement is all around you. But, shit, you need a brand to go along with all these ideas, and you want to do it right, from the outset. We all know an iconic brand goes a long way.

5. After being in business for a while and having fabulous results, you just feel like you want to reward your business and yourself, and a new brand sounds and feels just right from the get-go?

6. For all the reasons above, the result has been losing business because the connection you put out in the world doesn’t align with you anymore and you’re not being taken seriously. This breaks your heart (and your bank account) as you don’t get to work with the people you KNOW you can help the most.

For me? I simply grew tired of the hot pink in 10 Fingers For Design. While I love it because it’s so sexy, feminine and fun (which have been part of my brand values for two years now), I wanted a change – period. Isn’t this a good enough reason? I’m thinking about replacing it with orange and burnt red, for the energy, intensity, power, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, and success that they embody. I want my brand – every place where my services interact with my clients – to represent exactly who I am and I want those I connect with to feel confident growing alongside my business in 2017.

Because we only experience freedom, deep connection, and real passion in life when we embrace exactly who we are and the change we’re here to make in the world. It’s time to let my brand tell the full story.

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