If we read, dream and hope, we make it happen

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Stoked with the new brand for the ADA group! And there’s much more to come, how exciting!

Karen is so much fun to co-create with. She’s a creative at heart with a big vision and the magic to go with it: little boys and girls around the world embrace diversity, while slowly chipping away at illiteracy.

Books are are the star attractions of Karen’s visions; they have the power to make you dream, to travel around the world with unexpected friends, like mermaids, frogs, and maybe even your little brother.



We brought this vision into the logo by incorporating several key characters from her book “Abigail’s Dream Adventures,” which was illustrated by the magnificent Colette Alexandratos. The main colors are a tiffany blue and gold to embody the optimism, elegance, abundance and prosperity. They allude to the enlightenment, wisdom and deep introspection that come from reading, education, and, of course, from dreaming. “Dream, Hope, Make it Happen.” Isn’t it great?

Do you remember your childhood books? Which one was your favorite? Mine, The Little Prince: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

ada group branding

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