How a creative mind works

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When we see the final masterpieces, it seems easy to get there and create. Nope, it’s not. Once I read that the creative process goes this way:

1. This is awesome;
2. This is tricky;
3. This is shit;
4. I’m shit;
5. This might be okay;
6. This is awesome.


So right, I feel it every single day when creating brands for my clients.

The trickiest part of the creative process is when we hit the fourth step described previously. We start taking things personally, the fear of failure kicks in, and we give up.

Some of your art won’t see the light of day, right away or never, but let’s get real, put the perfectionism aside, take a look at your record, I bet you have lots of beautiful and meaningful art already shared.

So, you’ll have more because creativity never ends, understand the process, deep breaths, let it go and make another batch.

What’s your story? How do you overcome creativity blocks?


If your brand was inspired by Spring, what would it look like? Here’s how you can start:

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