Hey there, creative visionaries and entrepreneurs.

You have a story ready to be shared and take on the world.

You know your business and message inside & out.

You're ready to create a brand that is more than just a logo and a pretty font but the visual interpretation of your key message.  But ...

Decided to go in another direction?

Feeling like your brand doesn't represent you anymore, and know that you need an outstanding brand to be seen?

Tired of DIY?

Sharing your vision is on hold until you have your brand put together?


You need an all new everything ... and stat.


Not just a new look, but a cohesive and consistent brand visual story that is loved, shared and inspiring.

Not just a new look but a new person to help you put it all together and build the brand with the story you are meant to share, that’s going to take you from a nobody to a somebody.

You need Branding Collective


Be Warned: this creative partnership doesn't just end with a logo but an ongoing development of all the visual elements in your empire's arsenal of communication tools and products.

Because you deserve the brand of your dreams in a way that feels like you. You were born for this, You were born to shine!

Let's dive in!

Schedule a free connection call and receive a "Brand Facelift" with simple actionable guidelines to start building your brand and an Instagram template to spread your vision with your clients.


A brand should be two things: Beautiful and functional.

Get the beauty part right, but not the function? And you'll be left with an identity that looks good but falls flat.

Think: Zero phone calls, zero inquiries, zero of the things you need to make this business work.

Get the function right, but skip the beauty? And you'll be left with a brand that is obvious … but awful.

Think: No one can read your words because they're too distracted by an unappealing design. Or worse, they find you unprofessional. Or they just get "a gut feeling" and decide not to pursue it any further.


The thing about beauty and the thing about the function is that you need both to build a business identity that doesn't just talk the talk - but walks the walk -  a digital piece of functional art that makes you money.


This is what we call "a brand."

So ... 

Let's count on one hand the ways we're going to change your world.


Thumb through any glossy catalog, and you'll realize that design isn't all pixels or patterns, pretty shapes, and clean lines. It's an atypical love affair—closed doors, no limits & unbound possibilities.

The Point? 

Everyone's competing for the confetti-laden attention they (probably) won't receive. And amid the static noise and calamitous chaos, 10 Fingers For Design is standing at the center, quietly calculating how to smash design and love together, creating the pulse of your brand that'll bring your clients to their knees.

The middle 

of the road isn't enough. Good ideas are a dime a dozen. But great ideas spawn from that intrepid little intersection where science collides with soul.

A paint fight on a clean canvas, or a belly-deep scream into the void.


So ring 

your celebratory bell. (You do have a celebratory bell, don't you?) You're a part of your design, stitched into the seams and impossible to ignore.

It's a pinky 

promise that when you choose 10 Fingers For Design?

No introductions are necessary.

After all, your brand makes you, and your meaningful contributions to humanity), KNOWN.


Don't underplay your part in this.

Take on the world with the Branding Collective.

 We'll start from the head, and go all the way down to your tippy toes, and develop a new brand identity for you from scratch, including an all new logo, color palette, styles, headers, badges, graphics, and those cute little details you just can't get enough of.


We'll work from a clean slate, develop your all-new online identity from scratch, implement a live website page, and connect you with the right (your) people, the ones you are meant to help.

At the end of our engagement, you don't just look like a whole different business—you are!


Hey Olga, the pages are now live, and I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful work.

Your page will delight and inspire the perfect women to sign up with me this year!

Alexandra Jamieson

Coach, Chef, Writter, Actress, Speaker

Hi lovey!!!! Yay, I'm so glad the flowers made your day! A small token of my deep appreciation for you.

Sending you lotsa love and hugs and thank you for supporting.

Muah, muah, muah!!!

Christina Dunbar

Actress, Poet, Performer

Olga has brought remarkable peace and confidence into my life with her work. Anything tech causes me hives and literally seeps hours away from my day. Olga appeared after one plea for help on Facebook. She immediately began working on my project and had it turned around in 24 hours. She had thoughtful questions to better the design aspects. She provided multiple options so that there was sure to have one that I loved (turns out I loved more than one). Olga makes you feel like you have a tech maven on your team. Her speedy delivery time, along with her eye for excellence made me feel confident in the product that I was sharing and I knew I was in good hands. Less stress, more ease, more possibility.

Thanks, Olga!

Jessica J. Lyons

Coach, Speaker, Founder of SoulSpeak

OMG it's perfect!! I wouldn't change a thing!!! I love it so much

Esther Loke

Marketing and Social media Strategist

I ABSOLUTELY love my website!!! It is everything and more that I had envisioned. The common statement I get from people when they take a look, "It is very inviting! Makes me want to come in and visit while I look around"....WHAT more could I ask for Olga??!!!

Sheri Kellogg

WriteOn! Journaling

Thanks so much for sending the final logos over. They are just so beautiful and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. It was such a pleasure working with you. I am a big fan of your work, your process and how you just "got me" from the beginning. Gorgeous work!! I LOVE my new logo and can't WAIT to see it get implemented into things!!

Amy R. Derr

Amy Basingstoke, Client Experience Architect

What's included in the Branding Collective.



• Express your creativity and desires.

• Live the life you want, connected with the people you love and loves you back.

• Put your feet up & have some fun, we’ve got you covered!




• Three hours of one-on-one creative connection, to learn about you, your business, brand map and work together. 

• Unlimited email support and communication for the duration of the project

• Inspiration mood-board for your brand

• Brand color palette

• A logo, but not just a logo – the visual definition of who you are and what you’re bringing to the world. Includes a primary logo, a secondary logo, and a sub-mark.

• Curated fonts combination

• Gorgeous patterns and backgrounds 

• Business card

• Social media kit: custom profile photo and logo; four Facebook banners and seven social media posts templates for Facebook and Instagram

• Your Brand Box - an implementable and comprehensive guide to help you create stunning content that you can use across all your online presence after our work together. Includes: brand values, vision, purpose, message, target market, brand inspiration and mood-board, color palette, logos, and fonts combination, and a guideline on how to use all these elements

• Custom website design: homepage design, three banners, three buttons and up to five social media icons

∴ Timeline: 4-6 weeks

∴ Your investment: $3450

Ready to start?

Schedule a free connection call and receive a "Brand Facelift" with guidelines to start building your brand and an Instagram quote template to spread your vision with your clients NOW.


Hi, I’m Olga, I'm your brand visual storyteller and designer. 

I’m a lover of design, creativity, nature and minimalism. I created the Branding Collective for one simple reason: design is powerful! I love it! It can communicate in mere seconds exactly what you want your audience to know. It can make them feel safe, trusting, and understood. Or it can interfere with your ability to reach your people, make them suspicious, skeptical, scammed.

I don’t just build brands. I tap into what actually fuels you and what your story is that is craving to be released into the world.  I won’t allow you to fall victim of a cookie-cutter and cheap-looking brands that don’t accurately reflect your vision. You’re not just a product or service; you’re a brand.

If you want a handcrafted brand, that doesn’t look like all the rest. If you want an intuitive designer, who helps you develop an irresistible story to help you connect with your best clients. You’re all in, and I’m here for you. Come co-create with me.

Our Work

Not sure if Branding Collective is your jam, yet?

Connect with us for a FREE BRAND FACELIFT to find out whether we are a good fit and receive actions steps to start designing your brand, connect with your clients and get your life back, like ... yesterday!


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